How to water

Hoses are stored at the boathouse. The boathouse is open 4-10 pm on weekdays and 10 am-8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

-Tell at the boathouse staff that you are Sakura Project helper and want to take out the hoses
– The hoses are at the middle of the boat storage area.
– You don’t need all the hoses. Leave the black one and one of the red ones. 8 hoses can reach far trees.
– Load the hoses on your car which is okay to park in front of the entrance on the grass.
Hill trees are the target. Three apples near the far away bushes don’t need water. Children’s area look very good too. Watering hill trees will take only 1.5 hours.

-Connect the faucet at Pearce Shelter and connect three hoses through bushes.

-Attach a doubler, and connect two hoses on one. Start watering while other hoses are connected  more to reach far.

-Adjust the flow and keep watering until the soil gets well saturated.


To store: Drain hoses completely by laying from high to low. Make loops tighter than you should. Secure with a tie. Bring them to the boathouse, place in the tub and over the tub and place them where they were in the boat storage area.